About Ursa

10 years in Alabama and across the world.

Established in 2009 in Birmingham, Alabama, Ursa has significant pedigree in meeting complex contractual challenges, delivering services to customers who demand high levels of compliance, service and performance.  We were an INC 5000 company in 2017 and we continue to evolve and grow in the South Eastern United States.

Ursa has worked all over the world providing security services, logistics support and technology on mines, in buildings and offices, warehouses and residences.  We know what it takes to deliver motivated employees and most important deliver for our customers. 

Integrating technology, ensuring security, enhancing your brand...

In 2018 we transformed our business to focus on the South Eastern United States.  We are applying our integrated approach and emphasizes customer delivery and focus.  At Ursa we live up to our promises, we analyze the needs of our customers. We seek not to sell man hours, but to deliver the most cost effective solution that blends people, technology and process.  

Why Ursa?

We bring a fresh approach to your services and needs and ensure that senior management are always available to enhance our delivery of services.  Our experience delivering services across many diverse sectors over the past decade offers unique perspective and proven performance.  We achieve success through integrating technology and best practice to enable solutions that are quantifiable, effective, transparent and efficient.  We work in close cooperation and collaboration, partnering with customers.