Security: professional, custom services.

We are a quality provider of security services with extensive experience working with the world's most respected organizations and corporations.  We deliver compliant security to installations that require motivated, trained, screened and trusted personnel.  We believe in tailoring each and every engagement designed for your unique situation.  Whether you have strict access control requirements or public safety needs we can deliver personnel trained to meet these demands and technology that is appropriate and right sized.

Ursa has protected critical installations, buildings and people managing access and protecting product and assets.  We achieve quality service by emphasizing ongoing supervision and customer engagement and enabling our personnel with technology, delivering an integrated solution that enhances security and delivers efficiency.  We work hard to be your security partner adding value with our experience, transparency and innovative professional solutions.

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Integrated technology solutions

Visitor Management

Envoy visitors assets id access

Our visitor management solutions can be deployed independently or as part of our integrated service.  Deployable quickly to include visitor logs, badge printing and notifications our systems enhances security and supports OSHA, confidentiality and other compliance needs.

Delivery Management


Packages going missing? Operating large properties with multiple tenants requires creative solutions.  We have partnered with the market leader in Delivery Management solutions, our solution makes delivery easier for both your tenants and the delivery companies.  Our secure Cloud enabled lockers are changing how buildings manage delivery.

Security Technology


Deploying CCTV, alarms and access control technologies enhances your overall security posture.  Our solutions are always designed to incorporate technology with personnel in the most efficient manner.  We propose solutions that reduce monthly expenses, enhance security and positively impact your bottom line.

Security Officers


Our security teams are proven in a range of situations and contexts.  We train each officer on site specific functions and teams are closely supervised using a combination of technology and in person visits.  What's more our account managers are always available.

Mobile Patrols and Response


Our mobile security patrols assist with site visits, inspection of locations and response to emergencies.

Inspection and verification


We can tailor inspection procedures to augment your own audit, quality assurance or other needs by a trusted third party.  We use technology to direct teams and to record site inspections.