Delivering quality
in challenging markets


We work across a range of sectors from Agriculture to Extraction.

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We understand what it takes to work with Governments and prime contractors.

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We target finite resources to deliver maximum impact, leaving long term capacity.

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Enabling your success

Ursa Group delivers international training, project management, and professional services.  We implement cost-effective strategies to address program start-up, logistics, security and oversight challenges for governments, commercial clients and humanitarian organizations in locations around the world.

Our clients value our direct, personalized approach and our distinctive ability to meet their needs in permissive or dynamic environments. We leverage our knowledge of diverse marketplaces with expertise in logistics and strategies for managing risk to advance your mission. Our solutions enhance your operational integrity in the face of environmental, socio-economic or location-specific obstacles. 

Whether you are entering a new market, initiating a project, reviewing corporate security, or assessing established operations, Ursa Group will maximize your effectiveness and enable your success.